Cleansing anal glands by veterinarian

Anal sacs or anal glands are located just inside the anus at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock positions. Small ducts pass from the sacs to the rectum and empty just inside the anal opening. The glands inside of the sac produce an aromatic liquid that is typically expressed during defecation. As dogs age, this liquid can start to have a thicker consistency, which is more difficult to express during normal defection. Consequently, the sacs can become overfilled which leads to discomfort.
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Anal Glands and Recognizing Problems | Shallowford Animal Hospital

Page Menu. Diseases and Conditions. Abscess: First Aid. Actinic Solar Dermatitis.
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The secreted substance is normally an oily, brownish fluid that packs a strong odor. Liquid held inside the sac is usually expelled when a dog defecates, but if this does not occur on a regular basis, the material inside thickens, which makes it harder to pass. Then you see your dog scooting his bum on the ground or licking around the area. If the anal glands are not emptied they can become impacted and an abscess can form, which then bursts through the skin leaving a smelly, bloody, painful mess.
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