Cases of egg and sperm donations

A Guide for Patients. This includes using donated eggs, sperm, or embryos and gestational-carrier arrangements, in which the pregnancy is carried by someone other than the intended parent s. Surrogacy, also sometimes referred to as traditional gestational carrier, is a particular type of gestational-carrier arrangement where the woman who carries the pregnancy also provides the egg. Unless specifically indicated, the term gestational carrier in this booklet will refer to a woman who carries a pregnancy, but has no genetic link to the fetus. Third-party reproduction can be socially, ethically, and legally complex.
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Egg and Sperm Donation: what does it involve and what are the regulations?

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Egg and Sperm Donation: what does it involve and what are the regulations? | IVF London

The donation and transfer of human gametes eggs and sperm for reproductive purposes raises many important and difficult questions. Some of these relate directly to policy and practice; others are more conceptual. Gamete donation occupies an interesting position within bioethics, having something in common both with other forms of donation blood and organs, for example and with reproductive technologies not involving donation ranging from IVF through to more controversial areas like cloning, embryo selection, and genetic modification. It also shares some features with adoption and surrogacy , practices which also arguably at least involve the transfer or delegation of parental duties and rights. See entries on cloning , eugenics , feminist perspectives on reproduction and the family , the donation of human organs , and parenthood and procreation. First, this entry focuses on the donation of human gametes for reproductive purposes , as opposed to for research. The rationale for this is that most of the interesting ethical and philosophical issues here concern, in one way or another, the moral and social relations between the donors, parents recipients , and children created, and these do not generally arise in the research context.
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The Donation and Sale of Human Eggs and Sperm

Donor conception is the use of sperm, eggs or embryos donated by someone else in your fertility treatment. Around 2, babies in the UK are born each year using donated sperm, eggs or embryos. The experience of people who have had donor-conceived children shows that this can be a very positive way to create a family.
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Gamete and embryo donation is using eggs, sperm, or embryos from someone else in order to help an intended parent s have a child. Intended parent is the term used for the person s who will raise the child ren. Gamete or embryo donation makes it possible to have a child when one or both partners are not able to provide their own sperm, eggs, or embryos.
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